Engage your audience, acquire content, build communities.

Helping brands, broadcasters and publishers discover, acquire, and monetize user-generated photos and videos. Engage your digital audience! 

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According to ComScore, brands that employ UGC see a 28% increase in sales effectiveness.

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82% of publishers that curate social content report an increase in user engagement.

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Acquire content. Engage your audience. Build communities.

YuVue EngageTM

Engage your audience, acquire content, build communities

Whether you’re a brand, broadcaster or Web publisher, YuVue Engage’sTM hosted, customized solution powers a suite of tools that enables you to connect with your audience and harness the power of user-generated content (UGC).

Your audience uploads their photos and videos directly from any device or from their social networks. You curate, moderate and distribute across all of your digital channels.

YuVue EngageTM is designed to fit seamlessly into existing digital infrastructure making the content look native to your branding. Setup and training is quick and easy.
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Over 40m Instagram photos are posted every day.

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Over 7000 hours of YouTube video are posted every day.

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Find and license the videos and photos you’re looking for with YuVue Discover™.

YuVue DiscoverTM

Scour the social Web, find and license the videos and photos you’re looking for with YuVue DiscoverTM

YuVue DiscoverTM allows brands, broadcasters and publishers to find the imagery that’s important to them – whether it’s footage of a breaking event shot by an eye-witness at the scene, or a product image captured by a brand advocate.

Using image and speech recognition as well as keywords, we search all of the major social media platforms for relevant imagery, evaluate and acquire it for use across all of your digital channels quickly, efficiently and at scale. YuVue Discover’sTM SaaS subscription model gives you unlimited access to our platform. We deliver all content on a customized dashboard, and you pay for the photos and videos that you wish to license.

Georgia State University realized a 216% increase in engagement and a 94% increase in homecoming football game attendance when it introduced UGC into its campaigns.

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Chobani attributed a 225% increase in revenue from 2009-2010 due to the company’s integration of UGC.

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The Associated Press has successfully enhanced its global news gathering efforts by including award-winning user-generated visual coverage.

YuVue InteractTM

Our Direct-Response Ad Delivery Solution - YuVue InteractTM

Changing consumer experience paradigms have created exciting new opportunities for advertisers. YuVue InteractTM leverages the ubiquity of smartphones, location-based gamification and user-generated visual content to offer publishers a measurable high-value, high-engagement solution for advertisers. YuVue leverages in-stream video ads, mobile push notifications and email messages to deliver sponsored calls-to-action. Consumers are then rewarded for engaging with brands and products, documenting their experiences, and uploading their photos and videos to the YuVue platform. Advertisers benefit from authenticated engagements, acquire compelling content and proprietary data about their customers. YuVue Interact’sTM unique ad experience allows publishers and advertisers to activate their customers and monetize their digital audiences as never before.